My name is Jouke Ekhart and I’m a music composer.

If you need music for your movie or commercial you have reached the right person. I fulfill to all your wishes if you have any. OR you can sent me in the right direction and I will do the rest: Let me amaze you!

If you need jingles for your radio station, I am sure that I can help you. On this page below and under the header ‘music’ you can find some examples of my recent project for 2CA Radio in Canberra. I delivered a dozen of jingles within’ a short amount of time for this radio station in Australia. I can guarantee you some high quality and very creative jingles.

If you need a complete song with lyrics and music I suggest you go to the header ‘music’ where you can listen to some examples of songs that I wrote for other artists from all around the world. I can write the lyrics and record the music that you prefer. The only thing you have to do is to record the vocals. It is possible to do that in my studio in Amstelveen – the Netherlands or you can just record it at your place.

Please feel free to ask me any question.Jouke Ekhart - Music Composer


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A music composer with a typical sound. It’s a very creative combination of the world’s biggest musicians and not comparable to one sound or artist. You can hear influences of Hans Zimmer, Jon Hopkins, Moby and Coldplay.

Here you can listen to some jingles that I wrote for 2CA radio in Australia.

After I graduated at the Audio Visual Academy at Hilversum –the Netherlands- I was ready to produce music on a professional level. I directly got some jobs for composing music. My latest event is an interview at a Dutch radio station that you can listen here. This interview is about my career and my background. It’s all in Dutch and the radio station is playing some of my music.